March 4, 2021

Engagement Photo Poses 101: Look Great & Feel Natural

So many couples put off their engagement sessions because they’re nervous about posing. How will we stand? Should we kiss? What do I do with my hands?! The nerves are completely normal, but there’s no need to worry about engagement photo poses. That’s what your photographer is for!

Most of the time, your photographer should instruct you in how to pose for your engagement photos. Personally, I like to give my couples prompts that guide them into poses naturally. We play games, try new dance moves, and keep things moving so you’re never stuck wondering where to stand or how to hold your partner.

Still, I understand that posing for photos (especially cuddly, handsy photos) can feel awkward! That’s why I’ve compiled these helpful tips I’ve learned over my years of photographing couples. They’ll help you feel less awkward and get super flattering shots with your fiance.

Tips for Flattering Engagement Photo Poses

Laugh forward.

When you start laughing, the natural reaction is to draw your chin back into your neck. Instead, push your chin forward and lengthen your neck. You can even lean forward a little bit. This will eliminate any unflattering double-chin moments and accentuate your jawline.

Two couples laugh and embrace as they pose for engagement photos.

Stand at an angle.

Even the most curvaceous person can look boxy straight-on. Turn your body slightly away from the camera to show off more of your figure and create a more dynamic shape.

A black and white photo of a woman holding her fiance's face and looking up into his eyes. A woman hugs her fiance from behind in a field of wildflowers while they stand for an engagement photo pose. Two photos of couples embracing at the edge of wooden docks.

Arch your back.

Want to really show off your ass…ets? Check out any Victoria’s Secret model’s booty pics on Instagram and you’ll notice how they arch their back. This gives you more curves above and below the belt. The experts know what they’re doing!

A couple crosses the Walking Bridge in Chattanooga, TN, hand-in-hand. The woman looks back over her should and smiles at the camera. A couple embrace at the end of a dock.

Cross your knees.

If you’re wearing a more fitted dress or skirt (like a mermaid cut, sheath, or body-con), crossing your legs (almost like you have to pee) accentuates your hips and creates a focal line that flows with the shape of the dress.

A couple lounges on a floral blanket in the grass while they sit in an engagement photo pose. A couple lounges on a red leather sofa.

Get playful.

Photoshoots can feel foreign at first, but you can absolutely pose for your engagement photos without being stiff or formal. The best way to look natural on camera is to have fun! Get flirty, play around, make your partner laugh. The more fun you’re having, the more dynamic and candid your photos will be.

A man and woman pose for engagement photos by dancing together in a field at sunset. A close-up shot of a man and woman hugging their black and tan dog. You can see the woman's engagement ring. An engaged couple poses for photos in a river. The woman kicks water at towards the camera. Both of them laugh. An overhead shot of a man and woman dangling their feet off a dock above a lake.

Most importantly, talk to your photographer!

If your photographer asks you to pose in a way that feels unnatural or uncomfortable, tell them! You want your photos to look like you, so be yourselves and don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t right.

An engaged couple kisses while holding their husky on top of a mountain. A man and woman kiss in the light of a bright window.

Thank you so much for reading my top tips for engagement photo poses! I hope I helped calm your nerves and get you excited for your own session.

No matter what you wear, where you go, or how you pose, your engagement session should be fun! Let’s chat, get to know each other, and plan an engagement session you’ll love.

If you’re looking for specific engagement photo poses, visit my Pinterest board for ideas.


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