Korean Pae Baek ceremony in the bridal suite of the Venue Chattanooga. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

December 6, 2023

Beautiful Blended Korean Wedding at the Venue Chattanooga | Diane + Gregory

When a couple comes from two different cultural backgrounds, making sure both cultures are represented in their wedding can become an essential part of their planning process. For Diane + Gregory, they knew that they wanted to pay homage to Diane’s Korean heritage. Their special day became a unique fusion of rich culture and contemporary elegance at the gorgeous Venue Chattanooga.

Korean Pae Baek ceremony in the bridal suite of the Venue Chattanooga. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

Blending Korean and American Wedding Traditions

Diane + Gregory first crossed paths while Gregory was on a work contract in Baltimore, a city that would become the backdrop for their budding romance. Their first date, which started with a visit to Kung Fu Tea for delicious bubble tea and followed by a delightful sushi dinner, was just the start of their beautiful love story. The two talked for hours about their shared passions for art, culinary adventures, exploring the world, and even the simple joys of a Costco shopping spree, which laid a strong foundation for the love forming between them.

As the days and months went on, Diane + Gregory found themselves drawn to one another in a way that was both magical and heartwarming. Now, they are so excited to finally be entering a new chapter in their lives as they prepare to exchange vows with all of their family and friends around them. 

While planning their wedding, they knew from the start that they wanted to honor Diane’s Korean heritage by blending both Korean and Western traditions into their big day. This commitment to celebrating their diverse backgrounds reflects their desire to create a wedding that is not only a celebration of their love but also a bridge between two rich cultures. 

An Elegant Summer Wedding at the Venue Chattanooga

On the day of their wedding, Diane and Greg arrived at the Venue Chattanooga fully dressed for the day. Diane was in the most adorable midi dress and colorful heels that were perfect for a warm summer day, while Gregory was looking as dapper as ever in a sage green suit. Almost immediately after they arrived, they went directly into their first look along the charming, manicured pathways meandering around the Venue Chattanooga property. 

The Venue Chattanooga, with its scenic beauty and enchanting ambiance, provided the perfect backdrop for their first look session. Nestled among the natural beauty of Tennessee with mountain ranges and forests surrounding the property, this elegant venue radiates a sense of rustic charm, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a blend of elegance and nature on their special day.

For those considering hosting their wedding at the Venue Chattanooga, the allure lies not only in the picturesque surroundings but also in the flexibility and personalization it offers. From intimate garden ceremonies to grand indoor receptions, the Venue caters to various wedding styles and sizes, ensuring your vision is brought to life. Complete with a spacious bridal suite and a groom’s room, plus a newly opened décor room to make styling your wedding even easier, the Venue is a one-stop-shop event hall where practically everything you need to bring your dream wedding to life is laid out at your fingertips. 

Honoring Korean Traditions with a Pae Baek Ceremony

After Diane + Gregory’s first look, it became obvious that the little bit of sun trying to peek through the gray skies wouldn’t last. In order to make the most out of the time before their ceremony, they decided to rearrange their timeline a bit. They originally planned to have a traditional Korean Pae Baek ceremony in the bridal suite after their Western ceremony while the rest of their guests enjoyed cocktail hour. However, because of the rain, they pulled the Paek Baek ceremony forward since it was a planned indoor event. 

A Korean Pae Baek ceremony was traditionally a way to signify a bride leaving her family to live with her husband and in-laws. Because of that, the ceremony only involved the couple and the groom’s family. However, modern couples have adapted the traditional ceremony to be more inclusive of both sides of the family. It now pays tribute to both the bride and groom’s families, fostering a sense of unity as the two families become one through marriage. 

For Diane + Gregory’s Pae Baek ceremony, the Venue’s spacious bridal suite was transformed into a small ceremony space complete with a bamboo area mat and low table filled with food towers. Traditionally, the table is covered with nine foods, symbolizing fullness and the couple’s union. Diane + Gregory donned traditional Korean wedding garments and walked down a small aisle lined with members of their immediate family. Assisted by their attendant, the two paid their respects to both sides of the family with low bows and a serving of tea. 

While the Pae Baek ceremony is deeply symbolic, it’s also filled with joyful moments. Couples engage in playful traditions, like catching tossed chestnuts and dates in an apron to predict the gender and number of their future children or the groom showcasing his strength by piggybacking the bride around the table. Diane and Greg’s Pae Baek ceremony was not only a meaningful start to their new life as a married couple but was also a testament to their commitment to honor their culture as they move towards their future together.

Beautiful Garden Ceremony at the Venue Chattanooga

After the heartwarming Pae Baek ceremony, the skies cleared, and the rain gracefully made way for Diane and Gregory’s American wedding ceremony in the Venue Chattanooga’s enchanting Garden. This picturesque outdoor space, with its twinkling bistro lights overhead and a rustic brick fireplace serving as the ceremonial centerpiece, offered the perfect setting for their Western-style nuptials.

The Garden’s charm required minimal decoration, as the beauty of the space spoke for itself. Simple pots of greenery adorned the space, allowing the natural allure of the location to take center stage. The ambiance was nothing short of magical as Diane and Gregory, surrounded by their loved ones, exchanged their vows in this idyllic garden setting. The Garden at the Venue Chattanooga provided a timeless and elegant backdrop for the couple’s American ceremony, creating a scene that was both romantic and unforgettable.

A Laidback and Fun Wedding Reception

Diane and Gregory’s wedding reception in the Venue Chattanooga’s main event hall was a celebration that perfectly embodied their laidback and fun-loving spirit. One of the couple’s top priorities while wedding planning was to make sure they could spend quality time with their guests, especially those who had traveled in to join their special day.

Following their ceremony and a delightful family and friend photo session in the picturesque Garden, the party moved to the main event hall. To keep up with their desire for a relaxed atmosphere, the space was simply adorned with minimal decor, featuring candles and vibrant summer flowers in small vases on every table. As Diane and Gregory made their grand entrance, the room erupted with cheers and applause, setting the tone for an evening of pure joy and fun.
The couple kicked off their reception with a speech expressing their gratitude to their guests and emphasizing how thankful they were to celebrate their wedding day surrounded by all of their loved ones. Heartfelt toasts were then given by Diane’s brother and father, adding a personal touch to the festivities. After a delicious dinner buffet from Edley’s BBQ and cutting the wedding cakes, Diane + Gregory shared a sweet first dance as husband and wife, officially opening the dance floor for a night filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Enchanted garden ceremony at the Venue Chattanooga. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.


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