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Rachael’s photographs have been featured in many publications including Green Wedding Shoes, Equally Wed, TMZ, The New York Post, Wedding Chicks, and Loverly. She has spoken on podcasts for photographers of all skill levels on a variety of educational and personal topics. Rachael has also given live talks at Noobie Conference by PhotographersEdit and through her mentorship program.

In addition to OkCrowe Photography, Rachael also founded and operates Willow Wedding Co - a budget friendly photography service that utilizes an associate team.

As an educator, Rachael Crowe specializes in teaching digital advertising, social media marketing, Instagram ADs, business operations and systems, mindset coaching, team management, and beginner photography.

Rachael spends most of her free time with her dog, Russel Crowe, and a fluffy cat named... Fluffy. She enjoy walks around Manhattan, sharing small plates, and probably spends too much time on TikTok.

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Meet Rachael

Rachael Crowe is a full-time photographer based in Manhattan, New York. She has moved approximately 15 times from where she was born in Miami, to being raised in central Florida, to Tennessee in high school.

After starting OkCrowe Photography LLC in 2016 and exploring the world while photographing weddings, Rachael fell in love with NYC and decided to spread her wings somewhere new.

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Rachael now offers 1-on-1 mentorship sessions via Zoom!

After 6 years as a full-time wedding photographer and almost 300 weddings, she has a wealth of knowledge to share with photographers of all experience levels.

Please come prepared with a list of questions, no topic is off the table!

Mentor Sessions

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