Newlywed portraits at the Chapel at Firefly Lane. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

February 8, 2023

A Charming Autumn Wedding at the Chapel at Firefly Lane | Kayetlyn + Ryley

With an autumn breeze in the air, there’s no better way to celebrate your love than with a charming autumn wedding in a quaint, enchanted corner of the forest. For their autumn wedding, Kayetlyn and Ryley chose the Chapel at Firefly Lane in Dickson, Tennessee. Firefly Lane offers two special venue options on their 85 acres of land, as well as lodging in their delightful farmhouse making it the perfect venue for any wedding getaway.

Newlywed portraits at the Chapel at Firefly Lane. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

A Wedding at Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane is a stunning venue just a short drive from Nashville and three hours away from Chattanooga. Nestled in a cozy corner of the woods, it’s no surprise that couples choose this location to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle to say, “I do.” Plus, with two unique location options to choose from, Firefly Lane is sure to fit just about any style wedding. 

The venue’s enchanted Chapel location is 1,700 square feet and can accommodate up to 150 guests. Unlike the typical wedding venue, the Chapel offers a unique architectural design to help ignite the magic of your special day. While the front of the Chapel is enclosed and designed like a traditional chapel, once you walk through the doors, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush woods thanks to the open-air “windows.” Guests enjoy the ceremony on wooden pews beneath sparkling chandeliers while the tall windows provide a sprawling view of the forest outside. The Chapel is also next door to the reception hall, where glass walls offer another vantage point for the breathtaking landscape beyond.

While Kayetlyn and Ryley chose to get married in the Chapel, the Barn is an equally exquisite choice. The Barn is the venue’s prime location at 4,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 250 guests. No matter the time of year, the Barn offers a climate-controlled venue to ensure that you and your guests are always comfortable. Plus, it also has two outdoor ceremony location options with either the enchanted forest or garden area to bring all your romantic dreams to life.

Getting Ready for the Wedding

When planning your wedding, it’s important to consider where the wedding party will get ready on the big day. The right space not only eases any worries but can create the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. To help with this, Firefly Lane offers two bridal and groom suites for both the Barn and the Chapel venues. 

For Kayetlyn and Ryley’s big day, the groom spent the morning in the groom’s suite of the Chapel, where the space was clad with leather furniture and even a poker table. Here, the groom’s party got dressed and relaxed until the events began. On the opposite side of the building is the bridal suite, adorned with touches of gold. Three salon stations make getting your hair and make-up done all the easier, while a private restroom adds an extra touch of convenience. 

Once Kayetlyn was ready, she knew she had to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop of the Chapel’s reception hall architecture and did a surprise bridesmaids’ first look. While she had initially intended to only have a first look with Ryley, she was ready before everyone else. Her impromptu reveal for her bridesmaids and family was an absolute hit! 

Of course, then, it was time for the first look with Ryley. Kayetlyn walked down the aisle to where Ryley was waiting with his back turned. Ryley turned as soon as he felt Kayetlyn’s hand on his shoulder and the look of adoration and happiness on his face at the sight of his stunning bride lit up the room. The two also took this opportunity to take part in a personal vow exchange before the main vow ceremony in front of their guests. This is a sweet way to have an intimate moment with your soon-to-be spouse before the celebrations with everyone begin.

Romantic Autumn Wedding Ceremony in the Chapel

Kayetlyn and Ryley’s wedding ceremony in the Chapel was a sight to behold. The gold lanterns hanging from the beautiful tongue-and-groove ceilings set the tone for the space. For timeless elegance, the entirety of the Chapel is painted traditional white with wooden ceilings and arched entrance doors. However, it’s the magnificent floor to ceiling ‘windows’ that gives this space its unique and magical charm. The open-air windows let in a cool billowing breeze while the sound of the wind drifting through the forest leaves creates a natural melody all throughout the ceremony.

A special touch that I particularly adored was Kayetlyn’s bridesmaids wearing different autumn-themed jewel tones. Paired with the chic flower hoops instead of traditional bouquets that they held, they perfectly matched the seasonal atmosphere. Kayetlyn actually did her own florals for the entire wedding – a big undertaking that definitely paid off. Her bouquet of whites and pale oranges and the flowers on her veil comb tied looked amazing and tied the entire autumn feel of the wedding together.
Kayetlyn glided down the aisle with her parents on either side, wearing a flowing floral embroidered dress from Vow’d and pink heels from Soludos. As Kayetlyn and Ryley said their vows before their guests, they were all smiles. Their ceremony was a beautiful and joyful moment, and I am so grateful to have been there to capture it for them to remember forever.

Newlywed Portraits on Firefly Lane Property

Autumn landscapes are always the perfect helping hand in creating dreamy wedding pictures. So, for their newlywed portraits, Kayetlyn and Ryley headed out onto Firefly Lane’s sprawling property. Between the amazing architecture of the buildings to the beautiful forest that the property sits within, Firefly Lane offers plenty of charming backdrop opportunities for your entire portrait shot list. 

Gleaming with newlywed bliss, Kayetlyn and Ryley posed in front of the Chapel’s majestic wooden doors before jumping on a golf cart and sharing a cold drink together. As part of the Chapel wedding packages, couples can use the golf cart to transport guests and themselves around the property and during the photography portion of the day. It’s just an added bonus that the cart makes for fun pictures, and we certainly took advantage of that.

A pathway between the trees and the autumn foliage provided a stunning location for the majority of Kayetlyn and Ryley’s photos. With such an incredible background, the couple felt comfortable trying different poses to show off the magic between them that brought them to this special moment. Meanwhile, the glowing sun began its descent in the background to tie the whole scene together. 

Reception at the Firefly Lane Chapel

While Kayetlyn and Ryley were taking pictures, their family and friends were gathering in the reception hall to continue the celebrations. The decor in the space added a special sentimental touch to the day. This included pictures tributes to honor Kayetlyn and Ryley’s elderly grandparents who couldn’t make it to the wedding, an actor’s trunk filled with memorial photos of family members who have passed, as well as photos of their parents’ and grandparents’ weddings on the cake table. You could see how much family and togetherness meant to both of them through their décor alone. 

As Firefly Lane is a venue only, you will need to bring in your own caterers if you plan to have your reception on-site as well. Kayetlyn and Ryley chose The Dotted Lime, a new, family-owned restaurant located in Columbia, for their reception. The Dotted Lime is a fantastic choice for couples with dietary restrictions. They bring something special to the table (quite literally) with their focus on creating an allergen-friendly dining experience as well as being a gluten-, tree nut-, and peanut-free catering service.

After the meals were enjoyed, the first dance took place on the patio of the reception hall while guests watched through the large windows below. Then, as the night dwindled down, we had the chance to do some fun nighttime reception portraits. Instead of doing a regular send-off with Kayetlyn and Ryley, we did a glow-stick false send-off. This meant that instead of leaving after the photos were done, the newlyweds went back in to enjoy the night with guests. For the sendoff, guests came outside with glow sticks to dance alongside the bride and groom. It was a special way to capture all of the love that had gone into their charming autumn wedding.

Wedding reception at the Chapel at Firefly Lane. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.


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