Fun outdoor wedding reception in the Railyard at the Moxy Chattanooga. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

January 24, 2024

A Fun and Exciting Wedding at the Moxy Chattanooga | Rachel + Tyler

As a wedding photographer, I have witnessed a countless number of weddings. But looking back, the ones that always stick out to me the most are the ones where the couple was able to truly infuse their personalities into just about every aspect of the wedding day. For Rachel + Tyler, their fun and exciting wedding at the Moxy Chattanooga did precisely that.

Fun outdoor wedding reception in the Railyard at the Moxy Chattanooga. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

It Began with a Wedding

It’s not every day that you meet a couple whose love story begins with a wedding. And for this particular love story, I have been lucky enough to have been a small part of it from their engagement session all the way up to their wedding day. 

Rachel + Tyler both work within Chattanooga’s diverse wedding community. Weddings are something that Rachel knows inside and out. She is a wedding planner and coordinator with her own wedding planning company, Heart Pine Planning. She and her team work to become your BFFs from the moment you hire them to plan your wedding all the way up to your send off. Meanwhile, Tyler runs his own video production company, Ty in the Sky, which does videography for weddings, real estate, branding, and more. As Chattanooga wedding vendors, it seems almost fated that the two were bound to meet at some point and when they finally did, the connection was instantaneous. 

A Fun and Casual Wedding at the Moxy Chattanooga

If there was one thing that Rachel + Tyler kept at the top of their priority list while planning their wedding, it was making sure that everything aligned with their unique style and values. During their engagement session in TVA Racoon Park, they packed a skateboard and just had a good time playing and skateboarding up and down the pathways around the park. It was super casual, with plenty of candid, playful moments that made up the most adorable shots. They wanted to bring that same energy into their wedding day. 

For a wedding that was meant to be more fun than formal, both Rachel + Tyler agreed that the Moxy Chattanooga was the only choice. The Moxy prides itself in being “anything but average.” With bold colors and smart and stylish design choices, the Moxy Chattanooga was the perfect venue for a lively and charming wedding. Its eclectic and quirky style matched perfectly with Rachel + Tyler’s fun-loving personalities. Their wedding was filled with bright colors and tons of unique vendors that only a couple who knows all the secrets to planning an exciting and fabulous wedding could bring together. 

Pre-Ceremony Festivities at the Moxy Chattanooga

The day of Rachel + Tyler’s wedding began with Rachel and her ladies getting their hair and makeup done in one of the private lounges at the Moxy. With the fantastic stylists from Cherith Booke Beauty and VK Salon, a busy morning of hair and makeup for Rachel, her mom, and all of her bridesmaids was a relaxing event filled with laughter and smiles. Meanwhile, Tyler and the guys were hanging out at a nearby Airbnb, getting prepped and ready for the big day before heading over. 

After their hair and makeup were all said and done, Rachel and her mom went back up to Rachel’s guest suite to complete her final look. It was such a sweet moment that I’m glad to have captured as Rachel’s mom helped her only daughter slip into her wedding dress. By the time Rachel headed back downstairs, the lounge was all cleaned up from the morning, and all of her bridesmaids were lined up waiting for the big reveal of Rachel in her wedding dress. There was plenty of cheering and hugs when the ladies finally turned to see her in all of her wedding day beauty. 

A first look with her bridesmaids wasn’t the only surprise Rachel had planned for the day. Rachel also planned a special first look with her stepdad. After her father had passed away while deployed when she was young, her stepfather became another extraordinary father figure in her life. This heartfelt first look was a touching testament to how parental love and support doesn’t stop at biological ties but can grow to encompass new forms as families evolve. 

Finally, it was time for the bride and groom’s first look. Tyler and the guys had already arrived shuttled in from the Airbnb but rather than meeting at the hotel, Rachel and her bridesmaids hopped into their own shuttle to meet them at Main Terrain Park just a few minutes away. This chic little park was a quick way to add some greenery to the otherwise very urban wedding. 

When Rachel arrived, we led her to where Tyler was just waiting for her to finally approach. As soon as she saw him, she called out for him to turn. Although he was utterly taken away by the sight of his radiant bride walking toward him, he met her halfway down the path and swept her up in the most sweet and loving kiss. 

Lovely Outdoor Ceremony in the Railyard

After their first look, we took the time to take wedding party portraits in the park before packing back up into the shuttle to head back to the Moxy Hotel. When they arrived, many members of their family had already made it in. They were enjoying the various activities that the Moxy provides including drinks from the Check-in Bar, pool and foosball tables, and lush lounges. It was the perfect time to gather everyone up for family portraits before the ceremony began. 

Only one final thing needed to be done before the ceremony. After family portraits were taken, Rachel collected her father’s folded flag that was given to her family at his passing and carried it out to the first seat facing their ceremony arbor. This beautiful gesture ensured her father’s presence was still with her as she moved into this next significant phase of her life, and it was made even more powerful as their wedding happened to fall on Memorial Day weekend. 

As guests began to arrive, the wedding party retreated to one of the lounge areas to relax until the ceremony started. Guests were led to the Railway, the Moxy Chattanooga’s outdoor courtyard where the ceremony would take place. They were met with playfully mismatched couches and loveseats instead of traditional pews or benches facing an altar. Vintage rugs were placed to create an aisle between them while pink and purple vases held up bright and colorful flowers in shades of purple, pink, blue, and green. These playful and unique wedding colors were brought onto the stage in a large, semi-circular floral arbor meant to frame the couple as they said their vows.

Rachel + Tyler’s ceremony was simple and heartwarming and could not have been more perfect. A bright sun spread its warmth over the lovely ceremony as this beautiful couple exchanged handwritten vows and promised to love each other for now and always.

An Exciting, Vendor-Filled Wedding Reception

Since Rachel + Tyler are both wedding industry professionals themselves, they understand how hard wedding vendors work to perfect their craft. In their pre-wedding prep work, they specifically asked to have detail shots of each of their vendors and their work so they could gift them the pictures as a small thank you for helping bring their special day to life. 

The end of Rachel + Tyler’s wedding blended seamlessly into cocktail hour. As soon as the newlyweds and the wedding party walked down the aisle, they and the rest of the guests filtered into the main area of the Railyard to enjoy music from DJ MillionDollaMan and the delicious spread of drinks and appetizers prepared by some amazing vendors. A huge charcuterie spread and grazing table by Olive and Oak Charcuterie was set out for guests to munch on while the Tipsy Tin Wandering Bar served up the bride and groom’s favorite drinks. 

Cocktail hour merged effortlessly into Rachel + Tyler’s reception. Their DJ simply asked everyone to clear the dance floor to welcome the newlyweds for their first dance. Afterward, the celebration shifted into high gear with an exciting and joyous reception. Rachel, Tyler, and all of their guests had the tough choice of continuing to dance or partake in the amazing food being served like the fresh, brick oven pizzas and homemade ice cream from Bob’s Brick Oven. Rachel + Tyler even baked and cut into a pizza instead of a wedding cake!

Because of their insanely amazing planning skills, Rachel + Tyler were able to enjoy their cocktail hour and reception from start to finish. We only took a short intermission for sunset photos on the roof overlooking their beloved city. In the end, Rachel + Tyler got everything they wished for in their wedding. It was a fun and playful celebration that perfectly matched these two beautiful souls. 

What’s your top priority as you plan your wedding? Whatever it is, whether it’s making sure your personalities shine through like Rachel + Tyler or something else entirely, I’d love to be there to make sure it’s all perfectly captured forever.

Hey y’all! I’m Rachael Crowe of OkCrowe Photography. I’m a wedding photographer based right here in Chattanooga (though I’ll officially be a New York City wedding photographer in summer 2024!). But, no matter where you’re located in Chattanooga, New York, or anywhere else across the country, I would love to be there to capture every detail of your big day. If you love Rachel + Tyler’s wedding and want to chat, be sure to fill out my contact form, and let’s start planning a wedding!

Newlywed portraits on the roof near the Moxy Chattanooga. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

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