Engagement session in Suck Creek. Photo by OkCrowe Photography.

August 26, 2022

River Spots in Chattanooga for Your Engagement Session

Why are engagement photos by the river so popular? There’s no short answer.

Many of my local clients simply love nature, having spent countless hours hiking Chattanooga trails, walking a river, winding through the mountains, talking, laughing, and building their relationship with their loved one. I’m convinced we never outgrow the pure enjoyment of a good adventure with our best friend. And it goes without saying, Chattanooga is beautiful to explore; mountains, rivers, and waterfalls are free for adventure and make for romantic escapes. The better question is: Why shouldn’t your engagement session feel like another one of your romantic escapes?

It can! My goal is for you to feel that comfortable taking photos. I’ve found that a private river location or even one of the public spots listed below offers a level of comfort for intimate photography such as engagement sessions. Open air is calming; unique scenery sparks conversation and creativity; awkward becomes funny; and laughs make for great engagement photos.

Taking it a step further, a natural backdrop hardly ever clashes with the colors of your outfit the way a hotel, home, or other interior space and its decorations can. So… before deciding on a location, give these potential river spots a whirl — each one is downtown or only minutes away.

Coolidge Park

Renaissance Park

Walnut Street Bridge

The Riverwalk

Bluff View

Bonus: A few Off the Beaten Path

Suck Creek is located 15 minutes north of downtown at the base of Signal Mountain. Open to the public and marked with trails, the creek bed is filled with boulders, flowing water, and covered by towering trees—truly a hidden Chattanooga gem. The sessions below were only a 5-minute walk from the road, so don’t worry about anything too strenuous. Oh, and if you’re like me, your pets are family. Suck Creek is a great option if you’d like to grab a few photos with your snuggle buddy.

I can’t give away all my secrets! But the docks featured below are accessible and in proximity to downtown, as well.

Why Have an Engagement Session?

Because they’re a blast. We get to know each other, laugh, and hang out in a cool location, no matter where you decide. Most will tell you the reason for engagement photography is to get comfortable with your photographer before your upcoming wedding events. While important, I’ve found that many of my clients cherish their engagement session just as much as their wedding photos. There’s less pressure and it’s more easy-going because you know there’s more photo ops in your near future.

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